Feeling a bit bamboozled when it comes to taking your small business online? We’re here to show you just how simple it can be.

Having an online presence has never been more important – but for many small businesses it can feel a bit daunting. The Small Business Geek team is here to help, with expertise in all the right areas.

So whether you already have a site that is in need of improvement or you are starting from scratch let us help you create an online presence which offers a fantastic customer experience and boosts your business.

Whichever path you choose to take, we can help you navigate the pitfalls and identify the benefits while helping to create a top-notch experience for your customers. 

How We Work

If you are just starting out on your online journey or your current site is outdated and you need a brand-new look, you have come to the right place! Our talented team has all the skills you need, from design, development and copy writing to SEO knowledge and experience in getting the most from e-commerce. 

We take time to understand your business and your online needs, and use this to create a site which really works for you.  Once complete we can teach you how to manage the site for yourself, or if there are other areas of your business that need your focus, we can take this task off your hands – whichever suits.

Prices from just £400 for a one-page starter site.
Contact us for quote for your new site.

Editing an Existing Website

It’s amazing how much difference the right tweaks can make to your website. Whether it’s decluttering your navigation, rewriting text, enhancing the look and feel of your site, or even just brushing up your SEO, you don’t need a big budget to improve your
​online presence. 

At SBG we know that every penny counts especially for small businesses on a tight budget, and we are happy to work with you to identify what can be done to improve the performance of your existing site. 

E-Commerce Websites

If you are not already set up to sell online, now really is the time to do it. We offer a number of different e-commerce site options so you can make a choice which fits the size of your business and the product or service you are looking to sell. 

For those just starting out there are two options. 

As a very first step, we can work with you to create a one-page site that gives an insight into your business and signposts potential customers to email or call you to place their order. This can then be upgraded to add in e-commerce as your online offer grows. 

As a next step our starter sites, using the Weebly platform, are a great way of dipping your toe in the water of online selling and are easy for you to maintain yourself going forward.

“Every member has a great skill set, complementary to each other, offering no nonsense advice, in a friendly and professional way. I very much see SBG being part of my “outsourced” business support into the future. I’d highly recommend dropping them a line to help with your business brain noise and endless to do list!”

Lynn Williamott – Little Gems Interiors

For small businesses who are ready to commit to a greater online presence we can create a full e-commerce site with a professional bespoke design helping and all of the essentials such as a customer-friendly navigation and connection to a payment processor such as PayPal or Stripe.

 These sites are either built on the WordPress platform with a WooCommerce Store or Shopify, the cream of the crop when it comes to online selling. If you are committed to selling your product or service online, this really is the way to go.

Selling on Marketplaces


If you’re not quite ready for your own e-commerce site, marketplaces on sites such as Etsy, Ebay or Amazon can make a good first step for microbusinesses just starting out. We can work with you to set up your marketplace presence, list your stock and use social media to lead customers to your products.

Price depends on the number of listings. Please contact us to discuss further.

Website Copy


For a website to truly fly, crisp, clear text is essential. Even if your website looks great, it’s pretty pointless if customers don’t understand the benefits your product or service will offer them. On top of that, your copy also needs to be written in such a way that it’s recognised by search engines, increasing the quantity and quality of visits you receive. 

Thankfully at SBG we know exactly how to achieve both of these needs and have found that a partial or complete rewrite of a website can have impressive results.



Investing in decent photography for your business is something you will not regret, especially if you are looking to sell your product or services online.

At SBG we work with small businesses to get the best from even the most modest photographic budgets, helping you to identify the imagery you need and the best way to achieve it. From taking striking product photography to sourcing lifestyle imagery that fits with your brand, we can help. Contact us today to find out more.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Many people blanch at the mention of Search Engine Optimisation, fearing that it’s something mega-technical and out of their league. Really though it’s quite a simple concept of making sure your website is properly labelled so it is picked up when someone makes a relevant search in Google or similar.  

Brushing up your SEO is a quick and easy way to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.  
At Small Business Geek we know our meta fields from our ALT tags and can help you learn how to create these your website – or if you would rather take the task off your to-do list, we can complete it for you.   

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