Making working from home work for you

Although working from home is not an option open to all businesses, for some it can mean little change from the norm. There are so many tools which help make the transition to home working easier.

Google Docs

If everyone in your team is working remotely, one thing that can cause huge problems is that you all might have different software or even different versions of the same software. If some of your team are working on a Mac and others on a PC it can be awkward to share documents too.

Google docs are a great solution as they work within your browser (any browser) so anyone with the link can open them.  They are a brilliant collaborative tool, as multiple users can be accessing and editing the same document at the same time.
Download Google Docs.


Call your colleagues (or video chat) for free.  A great way to keep in touch without running up your own phone bill. Free and paid plans available.
Download Skype


Easy to use video conferencing, Zoom has come into its on in this environment.  Free and paid plans available.
Sign up to Zoom

Google Drive/ Backup and Sync

Anyone who has worked with us will know we love Google Drive here at SBG.  It so easy to use and makes sharing documents with different groups of people very simple.  You can opt to use it through your browser or download a version for your desktop.
Backup and sync is free.  Other versions are paid but offer more tools for business teams.
Download Google Drive
Access Google Drive in your browser

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you are isolating with others who don’t have to work it can be really hard to concentrate. Block out the noise and focus on the task at hand with noise cancelling headphones.
Shop Headphones


If you are used to working in a busy office and like a bit of background noise, then Spotify is a great solution. Aside from a vast library of music and podcasts to keep you company, Spotify does actually have office noise you can stream.  And I swear by the soundtrack of rain sounds when I’m working on something really tricky.  Free and paid plans available.
Download Spotify


Another tool that’s a firm favourite at SBG.  This is essential a list making tool, but has lots of features and integrations with other apps that makes it really effective.  Great for helping busy people stay on top of their workload. Free and paid options available
Join Todoist


This is great if you are working on a project with others. When you are all working remotely it can be easy to loose track of whats happening across a hundred different emails and messages. Slack keeps all conversation and info about the project in one place so its clear to see whats going on.
Free and paid plans available
Join Slack 

Those are our essential tools. Have we missed your favourite?  Let us know.

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